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The Skyro story

Skyro is a fintech brand that has made significant strides in the Philippine financial landscape. Launched in the Philippines in August 2022, Skyro has quickly gained recognition for its transformative approach to digital financial services in the country.

Operating under the umbrella of Breeze Ventures, a fast-growing fintech company headquartered in Singapore, Skyro has successfully expanded its reach and offerings. With a primary focus on the Philippines, Skyro has become a trusted name for digital consumer lending products, catering to the fast‑growing customer base in the country.

Founded in 2022 by a team of visionaries who built one of the most successful fintech companies in the world, we have the expertise and resources to build best‑in‑class consumer‑centric fintech products.

We are backed by Breeze Ventures, a global fintech company based in Singapore. Our Philippine operations are powered by Advanced Finance Solutions, Inc. and Jungle Lending, Inc., both registered with the Philippine SEC.

Simple, fair, and friendly finances

Skyro’s mission is to empower and delight the everyday Filipino through simple, fair, and user-friendly financial tools, serving as their ally in uplifting their lives. Skyro firmly believes that managing one’s finances should be easy and secure, delivered with exceptional customer service.

Meet the Skyro crew

We have a superb team which combines Filipino and international experts. We want to grow our local expertise with the best people the market has to offer — we see this as fundamental to our success. Major parts of the business are already run by Filipino executives — and we are looking for more of you!

Our values

Entrepreneurial spirit
Test-and-learn mindset

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